Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Year

Time to get serious about getting our stories written and out to our respective publishers.  I know mine would be beside herself if she knew my resolution was to get a certain number of pages done every day of 2013.  Well, that's my resolution, to get a certain number of pages done every day.  I'm just not telling how many.  Charles, I love your idea of getting into the "zone" to find the story; going into "The Idea Cave."  What a great visual.  And the thought that within that cave dwells the darkness and the light of both character and plot.  Look through the eyes of the character to see where that character takes you.  OR, find a plot idea (usually dark) and decide who you're going to put in there.  Always a question, does plot define character, or character, plot?  The book I'm writing now is totally character driven.  The one right after, totally plot driven.  Interesting how it doesn't really make a difference.  The STORY tells itself, no matter.  As a writer's teaching strategy, this opens every possibility you imagination will allow.  The scary thing about going into any cave, however, is encountering YOU.  Chris C

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